Modern Tools Improve Productivity

They help you stay focused and work quickly

Modern tools are faster than previous versions and are optimized to work wherever you use them. This can be on your phone, laptop, or desktop. Even on a slow connection, modern tools should work just as well as on a fast connection. This improves your productivity by saving you time and enabling you to work from anywhere.

Stay focused

These tools are also simple to avoid unnecessary clicking or typing. They also reduce mental overhead by making the interface easy to use, optimized with the buttons and other inputs the user is likely to use in that context. This helps increase focus and reduce decision fatigue.

Work with agility

Many modern tools perform all the work within a web browser, either as a website or as an extension. This removes the need to transmit data across the web which can slow down work. This is particularly important when on a slow Internet connection or when working with large files.

Where to find more modern tools

Many websites provide modern tools in 2023, including us at We develop tools in areas where we see a need for improvement or where tools from other developers have become outdated.

We try to improve the experience by reducing friction between interactions, remove unnecessary interactions, and keep you focused on your original task. We solve problems in the simplest way possible, without extra technical overhead.

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