How to Emulate Flash Content

Learn about the easy way and which options to avoid

Emulation allows software to mimic how other software works, meaning it tries to run the original sofware as originally intended. Emulators such as Ruffle allow Flash emulation on the web using WebAssembly. This allows running content online without extra software outside the web browser.

Emulation options

There's several options to emulate Flash content. The main one and easiest one is using Ruffle via our extension. We provide an easy-to-install way to use Ruffle with user-friendly features. It only takes a single install.

Another way to emulate content is to write your own WebAssembly emulator. This is very difficult, and the Ruffle team has spent years working on their version, which is still not feature-complete. Other emulation efforts have made similar progress but stalled out. Ruffle is currently the main project which has made the most progress in this front.

Options without emulation

There's also the option to run without emulation using nearly as difficult technical software on your device, such as virtual machines. We've recently written about some of those options. Those often require advanced technical knowledge, and while they're easier than writing an emulator from scratch, they're still difficult to setup and maintain. They can also be insecure if not done properly.

They also require additional hardware or an existing powerful hardware setup, which is not immediately accessible or affordable for most users. Every few years you may need to upgrade your hardware or software, and those often have costs involved. Over the years, it can become very expensive venture which may not even work.

It also takes up extra physical space, since additional hardware means you need to store it somewhere in your home or office. You might not want the clutter, or have to take out of storage an extra device to play something on a whim.

Emulation without hassle

The easiest way to emulate software is to use our extension. It allows you to emulate Flash content on any website with a single click. It works across desktop and laptop devices and doesn't require additional hardware.

If you need to emulate Flash content, this is the best option to start with. It's quick to try out and see if it works for you. It's also reliable and will work in the future.

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