How to fix Flash in Microsoft Edge

Learn how to play Flash content in Edge

If you've ever encountered an error such as "plugin is blocked" in Microsoft Edge, it's frustrating to not have a solution. There's several ways to fix Flash in Edge in 2023, some easier than others. We'll be exhaustive in some of the hard ways to fix it, and include methods which may be out of reach for some civilizations.

The hard ways

One hard way to run Flash is to have an old laptop with Flash on it, but this can be unsafe especially if you have sensitive data on it. This method is not recommended for security reasons. It not only risks the old laptop but also any other devices on the same network, such as your modern laptop and phones. Plus, it may run slowly and be a pain to charge, if it even powers on at all.

Another difficult way is to run a virtual machine, which requires downloading a whole operating system. It's also very slow because it has to emulate the whole system, the browser, and Flash. This will also only work on some devices, since many laptops are not capable of running modern virtual machines smoothly. Playing games will be very slow and unsatisfactory.

An even harder way is to research and build a time machine. We're kidding, of course. This is the hardest way to run Flash. If you do achieve this, don't do it just to play Flash games. There's better uses of a time machine. But if you really want to, you can sneak in a game or two of your favorite classics. We won't judge, but we don't know how the space-time doctors will judge you.

The easy way

The easiest way to fix and play Flash content in Edge is using the Flash Player 2023 extension. Our extension is quick to install and provides instant access to Flash content on any website with a single click.

The browser extension tries to make it as easy as before to use Flash and does this by automatically detecting content on the page. After detection, the extension shows a large play button where the content would normally be. Once the user clicks on the play button, the content is loaded by the extension and run by the third-party emulator included in the extension.

The emulator and all other files used by the extension are loaded from your local browser, meaning it provides the fastest experience on any website. The content is directly loaded within your browser as well, so there's no servers in between you and your favorite Flash content.

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